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Company acquisitions & re-organisations

We work with companies, their legal advisers and other parties to the transaction to structure an acquisition or group re-organisation in a tax efficient manner such that the commercial objectives of all parties are met. We can assist clients with:


  • Pre-sale tax planning for groups that wish to sell business divisions or separate trades


  • Structuring disposals and/or acquisitions in a tax efficient manner to minimise charges to capital gains tax, stamp duty and corporation tax


  • Co-ordinating and implementing risk-based tax due diligence procedures for companies buying and selling subsidiaries/divisions identifying material exposures as early as possible


  • Reviewing and negotiating the tax sections of share purchase agreements in order to ensure that the risks identified during the due diligence process   are dealt with adequately, drafting appropriate tax indemnities and warranties and liaising with legal advisors


  • Identifying planning opportunities and assisting with the integration of businesses post acquisition


We also advise on family partitions, management buyouts and mergers of groups including cross border mergers.


Bradley Tax Consulting works with a number of private equity and venture capital companies who have investments all over the world.

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