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Exploitation of IP in Ireland Cover.PNG
Tax efficient payments of
BIKs and certain emoluments
Pre-letting expenditure on
vacant residential properties

Key Employee Engagement Programme
Deductible Rental Expenses

Termination of carry forward of certain unused capital allowance
Ireland as an attractive location for venture capital or hedge funds
Employment and Investment Incentive (“EII”) and Seed Capital Scheme (“SCS”)
Taxation & The Digtial Economy
Start up exemption cover.PNG
Start-up exemption - Irish corporation tax
The taxation of income from short term rentals 
Finance Act 2017 amendments to S135 TCA 1997

Film Relief
VAT on Property​ 
Individuals relocating to Ireland: Irish taxation support
Irish Company Types
BEPS Project - Preventing the Granting of Treaty Benefits in Inappropriate Circumstances
BEPS Project - CbC Reporting - Some Concerns
Non resident employees cover.PNG
Changes to the rules regarding the operation of Irish payroll taxes for non-resident employees working for short periods of time in Ireland
Issues to consider if incorporating and looking to avail of revised entrepreneur relief and retirement relief
Share schemes including share option schemes
Key Reasons that Lead to a Revenue Audit Failure in Your R&D Tax Credit Claims
Special Assignee Relief Programme - Attracting overseas talent to Ireland
Increased Revenue focus on construction sector
Irish Tax Implications of Brexit
Guidance on Restriction of Reliefs for High Earners and Related Issues: 2013 Tax Filing 
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