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Transfer pricing​

With the increased focus on cross border transactions and international tax avoidance, Bradley Tax Consulting can help you manage your transfer pricing risks, compliance and planning needs. We can assist with:


  • Tax audit and litigation support including dispute resolution.


  • Review of corporate groups and current cross-border intragroup transactions to check whether they comply with the transfer pricing rules of the relevant jurisdictions.


  • Due diligence reviews of the historic and current business positions to detect any transfer pricing deficiencies including reviewing the form and content of any intercompany agreements.


  • Determining the most suitable transfer pricing methods for intra-group transactions.


  • Design and implementation of appropriate transfer pricing strategies.


  • Definition of transfer pricing policies and preparation of documentation to support intra-group positions if required.


  • Adjustment of pricing, agreements, and documentation in light of changes in the business and structure of the group and/ or changes in legal requirements.


Bradley Tax Consulting is a founding member of Pro-tp, an international network of independent tax consultancy and law firms. Our clients can benefit from Pro-tp’s extensive shared knowledge and experience in transfer pricing matters. We can liaise with our fellow Pro-tp members to ensure transfer pricing risks are suitably mitigated on all sides of intercompany transactions.


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