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Project management services

Bradley Tax Consulting works with large companies to project manage the implementation of chosen tax strategies. In so doing we liaise with the clients and their legal and accounting advisors to ensure that the relevant events to give effect to the strategy happen at the appropriate time. This service is of interest to many companies owing to internal resource constraints in the area of tax. Under resourced companies struggle to implement fully their advisors detailed recommendations which are key to maximising the tax benefits of the proposed structure and reduce the corresponding tax risks in the event of a challenge by a local or foreign tax authority.


Bradley Tax Consulting provides project management services at very competitive rates and gives full attention to the client project for the required period of time.


We can also where necessary:


  • Prepare care and maintenance guides on behalf of clients, identifying the key criteria for appropriate implementation.


  • Complete check lists for annual reviews to identify potential risks.


  • Undertake post-implementation health checks to ensure the key drivers for correct implementation of each proposal are in place.


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