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Research & Development tax credit claims and related intellectual property (I.P.) planning 

Research and Development tax credit

We assist companies in assessing their entitlement to R&D tax credits and work with them to prepare reports to support R&D tax credit claims.  As part of this process we: 

  • Undertake feasibility reviews to determine if R&D activities are eligible for the tax credit.


  • Interview relevant financial and technical employees.


  • Assist in documenting R&D projects.


  • Prepare reports for submission to Revenue.


  • Assist clients where R&D claims are audited by Revenue.


  • Advise how R&D credits can be allocated to key employees. 

Knowledge Development Box


The OECD compliant 6.25% corporation tax rate may be available to companies in respect of profits derived from I.P. (e.g. patents, copyright, etc.) where a proportion of the spend to create the I.P. is undertaken in Ireland. Our services include:  


  • Assisting companies on the steps to be taken to avail of this reduced rate of corporation tax.


  • Advising SMEs, in relation to the application of the 6.25% rate of corporation tax, in respect of I.P. assets which have not been patented, but which the Controller of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks has certified as being “novel, non-obvious and useful”.


  • Managing the documentation requirements including tracking and tracing of income to qualifying assets.


Migration of I.P. from abroad to Ireland or acquisition of I.P.


Irish fiscal and taxation policy has made Ireland an attractive location for companies to locate, exploit and develop their I.P. We can assist companies to acquire I.P. or migrate their I.P. to Ireland in a tax efficient manner. In addition, we can liaise with foreign tax advisors to mitigate exit taxes and co-ordinate Irish and foreign tax aspects of I.P. planning.  

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