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Employee incentive planning​

Recruiting suitable employees and retaining employees is important to all businesses especially in light of the high demand for talent. Bradley Tax Consulting can help foreign multinationals and Irish indigenous business of all sizes how to best remunerate their employees. We can assist with:


  • The design of tax efficient employee incentive plans to both remunerate employees and better align employee and employer objectives.


  • The tax implications of benefits-in-kind (‘BIKs') and perquisites (perks) such as company vehicles, preferential loans, medical insurance, travel, etc.


  • Introducing Revenue approved profit sharing schemes (‘APSS’).


  • The design and implementation of tax efficient share option schemes including the recently introduced key employee engagement programme (‘KEEP’).


  • The design and implementation of tax efficient share awards schemes.  


  • Employee and employer reporting requirements.


  • The Irish tax treatment of restricted stock units (‘RSU’s).  


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