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Relocating to Ireland​

Bradley Tax Consulting has worked with many individuals moving to Ireland either for the first time or returning to Ireland after a period abroad. We can assist individuals with: 


  • Structuring their tax affairs before becoming tax resident in Ireland. Central to this advice is the residence, ordinary residence and domicile status of the individual and the corresponding Irish taxing rights as a consequence of same. 


  • Minimising double taxation in light of Ireland’s extensive double taxation treaty network and where double taxation occurs we can liaise with foreign tax advisors where appropriate to resolve such issues.


  • Advance planning for non-Irish domiciled individuals to avail of the special tax regime for non-Irish domiciled individuals, which requires advance planning to ensure that Irish tax liabilities are not inadvertently triggered.


  • Claiming various relocation expenses and reliefs (such as split year residence relief, special assignee relief programme, etc).  


  • Administrative matters including determining whether Irish or foreign social insurance should be paid and the procedures to be adopted under either approach. We can also provide assistance with applications for Irish tax numbers, applications for certificates of tax credits, registration with the Irish tax authorities and filing of Irish tax returns.


  • The provision of tailored payroll solutions to manage the Irish payroll obligations which may exist for the employers of individuals moving to Ireland.


In light of Brexit and the desire of a number of UK headquartered companies to maintain access to the Single Market, Bradley Tax Consulting is ideally placed to advise both UK businesses relocating and employees transferring to Ireland.


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