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Payroll taxes compliance​

The way in which payroll obligations are managed have and are changing. Revenue’s PAYE modernisation initiative is changing the way employers manage their payroll compliance obligations. We can assist individuals and companies including Irish indigenous companies and foreign multinational groups to manage their payroll obligations. Ours services include:


  • Managing PAYE compliance including the completion of monthly returns and the annual Form P35 returns.


  • Computing net pay due to employees, issuing payslips to employees and the creation of bank files for transmission of funds to employees.


  • Applications to Revenue for PAYE exclusion orders where employees are transferring abroad to carry out the duties of their employment abroad.


  • Payroll tax compliance health checks including pre-Revenue audit checks. 


  • Advising on the tax consequences in respect of transferring employees on foot of transactions including business reconstructions and amalgamations.


  • Assisting with applications for Irish tax numbers, applications for certificates of tax credits and registration with the Irish tax authorities.


  • Co-ordinating and implementing remuneration strategies including advising on the provision of benefits-in-kind (BIKs), perquisites (perks) and bonuses.  


  • Claiming various travel and subsistence payments in a tax efficient manner.


Tax efficient planning for employees in respect of termination and redundancy payments.


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